Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Turnip Harvesters, landscape painting by Kirk Witmer

You may recall my Study for a Future Landscape, posted back in April. Well this is the finished piece and the study will be included at no extra charge for the collector who purchases this work.

Imagine Dorchester, England during The Long Depression of the late 1800's. This is the first in a series of paintings, all of which are inspired by a movie set in that time and place. I've made some changes from what I saw in the movie to improve the composition and enhance the mood.

18x24" - Oil on canvas
Click the button to buy - US$480 + $35 s&h

And here's the screen capture upon which The Turnip Harvesters is based.
I'll be posting more info on the series soon. Stay tuned.

Hopefully what I've done here is a little more interesting visually than what you would see when watching the movie. What do you think?

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