Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Study for Country Lane, impressionistic landscape by Kirk Witmer

Daily Painting for June 6 - 6x8" - Oil on archival panel

This is a quick study (quick? almost two bloody hours!!) in preparation for what I've decided to call my "Dorchester Series" of landscapes. It seems very impressionistic to me, which is why I can't ever consider it a "finished" painting. That's just not my style. But the effort here was to determine what impact primarily values, and to some extent color, have on a composition. From this study I can now tell that when I begin the larger work, I will have to pay particular attention to the interplay of light and dark to maintain the best composition. And from this I know that I will have to increase the contrasts between light and dark to maximize the drama and help tell the story.
I've decided not to sell this study, but instead to give it at no additional cost to the collector who purchases the larger painting for which this was part of the preparation. Click here to go to that painting.

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