Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Dorchester Series

After posting "The Turnip Harvesters", (below at 6-7-11) the first in this series, I've had some inquiries about what can be expected for the rest of them. Here's some little screen captures to give everyone an idea of what's coming. Just to sort of whet your appetites.
Click the image for a larger view.

Imagine the countryside around Dorchester, England during what came to be known as “The Long Depression” of the late 1800's. This series of nine paintings are inspired by a movie set in that time and place. The scenery in the movie was quite eye catching and I found many scenes that I would want to paint. As in the first one I'll be making changes from the movie view to improve the composition, strengthen the focal points and make them uniquely "mine".
After a couple of years of painting landscapes, I’m coming to realize that they will more easily tell a story, which is important to me, if the landscapes have some figures in them, doing something …

(Duh! It took me awhile to figure that out. I was behind the door when they passed out the Brilliant Pills. )

... everyday life kind of things most likely, but something. Maybe with a bit of historical significance. That could make them even more interesting.
All this, and of course trying to keep up with my daily paintings at the same time. So cut me some slack if I fall down ... I'm going to be a busy fellow for awhile!


  1. Received this lovely comment from someone who obviously lives in the UK:
    "Hi Kirk, it's good to see your pictures and the inspiration. We visit Dorset a lot, I have a friend who is a Thatcher who thatches the lovely old cottages there and there is still a lot of country life about. Wiltshire, where I live also features a lot in Thomas Hardy's books and the landscape is very similar to Dorset. Good luck with your painting, it's a great project you are undertaking... will look forward to seeing more.
    Warm regards

  2. I think this project will be delightful. All the best...Soleil

  3. what a great, unique idea...a series is always perfect for exploring a new concept. I'll look forward to the progress reports.

  4. Fantastic idea! Can't wait to see them progress!


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