Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sunset on "Doomsday" - landscape painting by Kirk Witmer

Sunset on "Doomsday"
8 x 10" - oil on wood

This was done from a photo that I took about 5:00PM on 12-21-12. I thought if it was to be our last day on earth I'd want a picture to remember it by. Thank goodness we don't have to worry now about the Mayan's calendar ending. But boy oh boy didn't the Discovery channel get some mileage out of that!

This is the first piece after not painting for four months, so I thought I'd try something not so challenging to ease myself back into the swing of things. It's different from my normal work since it's very loose and "painterly". I know some of my artist friends will be proud of me for loosening up, but I'm rarely happy with the end result when I do that.

Another first for me .... this is actually painted on wood. Raw wood, with just a coat (or two?) of gesso on it to keep the paint from sinking into the wood. I did enjoy working on this new support so perhaps there will be more done on wood in the future. We'll see.

This painting has SOLD, and I'm sorry you missed out,
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and we'll talk about doing one like it just for you.

Email the artist at: khwitmer@juno.com

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