Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Vanitas In Progress - Days 9 & 10

Catching up on my postings a bit today.

Day 9
A stack of books, the broken pieces of wine glass and the pocket watch. I'll still have the gold leaf lettering to do on the spine of the bottom book before that'll be finished. Parts of each letter are lit and the other parts are in shadow. It'll be tricky, but I have Confidence on my side. (LOL) :)

Began thinking about possible titles as I was painting on this day. My thoughts got so very philosophical thinking about the symbolism in vanitas paintings and how they are meant to point to the futility of life. Kinda depressing, huh? Hope I can think of a title that's at least a little uplifting.
Day 10
I had fun doing the pewter plate, but oh boy did the fancy embossed design on the pitcher give me trouble! It seemed to come down to black reflections, shiny highlights and one or two other values found somewhere between those two.

You can't really see it in the painting from this point of view, but when I look at my setup from above, the side of the skull casts a shadow across part of the pocketwatch. So for a title...?
"Death O'ershadows E'en Time"?
What do you think? Guess I was in a sort of "shakespearean" mood that day [LOL] so, ... maybe not a good choice.

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