Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Gary P. Nunn, singer and songwriter

Here's my latest pencil portrait, just finished this morning.
Gary P. Nunn
8x8" - Graphite on Strathmore Bristol series 300 vellum

Gary is a popular country music singer that lives not too far from me here in central Texas.
I've been to his home and I gotta tell ya, for all his fame and celebrity, he ain't stuck up at all. ;)
If you'd like to see the photo I took this from, visit his website at www.garypnunn.com. You can even enjoy some of his music whilst you're there. And if you're anywhere near central Texas be sure to check out his schedule of upcoming performances.
If you'd like to have me do your portrait in this syle, email me at: khwitmer@juno.com
I won't promise that it'll help your singin', but it's sure to be a nice portrait.


  1. Great job on the drawing Kirk. Well done on the likeness. Lots of work in all those details.


  2. Francoise PointeauJanuary 25, 2012 at 3:45 PM

    Kirk, your portraits are amazing! In Gary Nun's portrait, I like the details of the shirt and the guitar that enhance the portrait itself.

  3. Thank you Francoise and Shelley. I'm really enjoying working in pencil, but I guess that's because I'm a detail oriented kinda guy and I can get so many details with pencil that I can't get with brushes.

  4. Thank you Kim. It's all about how much you practice. And then adding a little more practice. :) But I do have to admit that I'm very pleased at how much I've learned with only the few portraits I've done.


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