Saturday, July 30, 2011

Harrison Ford as Woodrow Dolarhyde

Pencil drawing - 9x12"

This piece is not for sale (I'm sure my source photo is copyrighted!) I just did this for practice. Unless of course Mr Ford happens to stop by my blog (not bloody likely!) and decides he'd like to buy it. But he'll have to figure out how we can get around the copyright restriction.
This Harrison Ford, as he appears in the movie "Cowboys and Aliens" that was just released to theatres yesterday, looks a bit different than most of us might remember him. I only hope I'll look this good when I'm 69.

If you'd like to have your portrait done in pencil,
email me at:
Prices start at $80.


  1. I found your blog after visiting with Doug. I'm happy I did. You do beautiful work and look forward to seeing more. This particular piece is awesome!


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