Saturday, March 19, 2011

"The Mistress" by Kirk Witmer

20x30" (51x76 cm) - Oil on Masonite

I haven't posted in several weeks because ever since Feb 19th my attention has been focused on this, my first commission. It started out to be a surprise birthday present but that didn't quite work out, so I'm sure it's okay to reveal now.
This is a 1955 Ford V8 pickup truck, which appeared in the movie Machete starring Danny Trejo and Robert Deniro. The owner of this vehicle spent about 10 years getting it to this condition, which probably accounts for why his wife has nicknamed it "The Mistress".
Notice that it has no door handles. The push of a button on a remote control unlocks and opens the doors. This baby is tricked out!

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  1. It's fantastic and even better knowing how you got the name!!

  2. Kirk this is just marvelous. You did such a wonderful job on it. I know your clients are happy with it.
    Would love for you to come and follow my blog to. Would love to have you. :)
    Have a wonderful weekend!


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