Friday, November 19, 2010

Sunrise on the Beach

8" x 10" - oil on masonite

I found this image on the internet and when I contacted the owner I was given permission to paint it. (Thanks Vivek!) This little 8x10 is just a quick study in preparation for a larger work. I'm currently thinking about 24 x 30.

I did almost all of this piece in one sitting, but needed a break and had to come back later for about twenty minutes to put the figures in.

But ooohh the hazards of trying to color match from a computer screen!!! It's only when I put the original photo next to this photo of my work that I realize just how far off are the colors in my sky compared to the original.
Note to self:  "Find a better way to color match before you start the larger image."

Click the button to buy - US$79 + $7 s&h

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