Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Still Life in a Bunkhouse

18" x24" Oil on Masonite
In the 1800's, a cowboy's bunk was his private corner of the world.
The fellow who slept here was the prosperous owner of a rifle, a shotgun,and a brand new hat.

This was a "do over" of a painting I'd done about a year before this one. The original was done from a black and white photo. Here I've changed the lighting a great deal from the original, and was surprised how much it actually improved the composition, even though placement of the contents was changed very little.  Go figure.


  1. Nice Kirk. Also enjoyed the Fiddlers boots.
    Great job.

  2. Kirk, This Bunkhouse still life is the first painting of yours that I ever saw, and it is still my favorite, along with 'The Fiddler's Boots'. I hope you do more of these historic still lifes. Your eye for detail really lends itself to this genre...beautifully rendered.


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