Monday, September 12, 2011

Morning Fog - landscape by Kirk Witmer

Daily painting for 9/12/11 - 6 x 8" - Oil on archival panel

I titled this "Morning Fog" but as you can see it doesn't have anything to do with needing a second cup of coffee. The effort here was to convey a mood without the use of color, but instead only using values. The first step in this procedure was to create what I call "eco-gray". I do that by taking all the leftover paint on my palette from the last painting I did and mixing it until it's a uniform shade all the way through. Depending on what the last painting was, the gray may be tinted differently in each batch, so if it's too far from neutral, I'll add a touch of whatever's on the opposite side of the color wheel to pull it back toward neutral, then mix until well blended.
From there, I pulled out some white and black and started mixing a series of values. For this one I found I needed almost no black.

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